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Webster Technique


Webster Philosphy 

ICPA Webster certified practitioner's goal is to restore normal physiological function of the mother and improve her comfort throughout pregnancy and preparation for birth. The Webster Technique is an evidence-based form of chiropractic assessment and treatment for the perinatal patient. The goal of treatment is to improve neurobiomechanical function in the pelvic region by improving mobility in the pelvis and optimizing spacing for baby.

What to expect from the Webster Technique? 

Dr. Strang and Dr. Miller offer tailored care for expectant mothers during and after their pregnancy to support mother and baby through this challenging yet beautiful phase of growth. We use safe, gentle, and effective treatments to help expecting mothers live pain-free during their pregnancy. 

They also educate on  self-care and preventative techniques to prevent new issues from arising during pregnancy and postpartum.

No aggressive manipulation or any form of non-evidenced-based modalities are used.


What are the benefits of Webster Technique 

  • Reduction of pelvic floor dysfunction/tension 

  • Optimal environment/space for baby’s development 

  • Reduction of low back pain

  • Reduction of pubic symphysis dysfunction 

  • Reduction of sciatica symptoms 

  • Improved postpartum recovery


Studies have shown that Webster Technique has a high success rate (82%) in relieving musculoskeletal causes of intrauterine constraint.

For more information about the website Technique you can visit the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Website below

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