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Pediatric Chiropractic and Physiotherapy 

Pediatric Care

Common Conditions



As a typical child develops from birth to 3 years of age, he or she will approach specific milestones in movement. These benchmarks are as important to analyze as the standard height, weight and head circumference percentiles that are assessed during routine pediatric office visits. If a child misses specific milestones in movement, there is a risk of acquiring common developmental disturbances such as scoliosis, toe walking, knocked knees, pigeon-toed walking, bouncing walking, fine-motor-control loss delays, winging shoulder blades and unsupported sitting. When delays are noted early in a child's development, they can usually be treated successfully, which can significantly reduce the risk of injuries through adulthood.  



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Our Model to a Successful Pediatric Treatment Plan

Patient and Parent-Centered Care  

While treatment is technically being performed on the child, the parent or guardian needs to be involved in the treatment plan. Our therapy approach to working with children may involve a game or activity that they will perceive as play and not as a therapeutic activity. The parent or guardian, throughout the therapy period, will gain an understanding of how assessing and treating the delay can help with the current complaint as well as how it can reduce the risk of injury as the child continues to develop. 



More than 75% of therapy with children will be performed outside the office. The children will be ask to do their "homework" daily. While our providers will do their best to create a "game or play" out of therapy, the parents/guardians need to ensure that the children do their homework as well. Some will say that it takes 21 days to create a habit, therefore it should take 21 days for the "homework" to become habitual for the children and this will set them up for optimal success, not only through therapy, but throughout life! 



Early therapeutic intervention can help reduce the risk of injury through the child's developmental stages into adulthood. Following completion of therapy, the physicians will discuss with both the children and the parents/guardians what exercises, sports and hobby that the children can to help maintain the progress seen through therapy.


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