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Chiropractic Medicine

What is an Adjustment

Chiropractic Manipulation (Adjustment)

A Chiropractic manipulaiton or adjustment occurs when there is a force applied to a joint to help restore motion. 


Steps To An Effective Manipulation 


Motion Palpation

Motion palpation is a technique used to find joint restrictions, or the areas of the spine or extremities, that are "stuck."



Patient Active Motion

The patient is asked to actively move into the direction of the joint restriction found through motion palpation. If the pain does not intensify or the symptoms do not spread, there is no contraindication to move to the next step.



Patient Active Motion with Doctor Overpressure

The patient is asked to again move into the direction of the joint restriction. The doctor will then make contact at the joint restriction and put pressure into the joint while the patient is moving, feeling for the integrity of the joint's motion at end range. 




The patient is guided to the optimal position for the manipulation, which may be face up, face down, on their side or even seated. The doctor will then again motion palpate the joint and perform the manipulation.



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