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Physical Therapy

River Forest Health is the best physical therapy clinic in River Forest and Oak Park, Illinois. Our physical therapists specialize in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and will help you return to activity of daily living. Whether you are recovering from an injury or surgery or need to regain function from an orthopedic condition, our team of physical therapists can help.

McKenzie Therapy

River Forest Health features McKenzie therapy in River Forest and Oak Park, Illinois. MDT is a comprehensive, evidence-based system of patient care. The assessment, classification, treatment and prevention strategies for back, neck and extremity problems are aimed at patient education and independence. It is time- and cost-efficient and does not rely on expensive tests or procedures to achieve good results.

Chiropractic Care

River Forest Health is your neighborhood chiropractic clinic in River Forest and Oak Park, Illinois. We provide safe, effective and gentle treatments for back pain and injuries as well as a variety of other health needs including sports medicine. Not only do we have a passion for chiropractic care but also the community. Our philosophy is that chiropractic care should be affordable and comprehensive.

Pediatric Therapy

As a Parent, your child's health and well being are incredibly important to you... we get that. At River Forest Health we provide an integrated approach that treats the whole child- mind, body and soul! Our team of Chiropractors and Physiotherapy providers are focused on helping children with "growing pains" in addition to providing community-based childhood wellness and related health services.

Massage Therapy

At River Forest Health, our massage therapists work to provide you a personalized and valued experience. Our massage therapy services include relaxation and stress management, pregnancy, sports recovery, deep tissue work and more. Your time with us will always be exclusively about you. 


River Forest Health offers acupuncture services in River Forest and Oak Park, Illinois. Our passionate practitioners offer a range of treatments for pain relief, muscle recovery, stress relief, weight loss, smoking cessation, headaches/migraines, sports therapy and much more.  Feel better faster with our holistic medicine techniques. 

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