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Meniscectomy - Medial and Lateral

Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Meniscus Repair
Total Knee Replacement

Week 1

  • Remove silver lining and post surgical bandages 

  • Active range of motion using heel slides

  • Knee stability exercise closed and open chain to tolerance 

  • Balance and proprioception exercises barefoot

  • Power Plate exercise and stretching

  • Triplanar muscle stretching

  • Soft tissue mobilization to Hamstrings, Quadriceps and Gastroc/Soleus

  • Goals 

    • Establish and maintain as close to full range of motion 

    • Reduce swelling

    • improved gait  


Weeks 2 - 4

  • Active assisted range of motion into flexion and extension 

  • Cross friction massage to incisions and around patella  

  • Treadmill training

  • introduction of weighted knee stability exercise 

  • Resisted band muscle activation and strengthening

  • Most exercises done in standing in sagittal plane (front to back)

  • Goals 

    • Full strength in hamstrings and quadriceps by end of week 4, walk stairs pain free


Weeks 4 - 6

  • Return to full actively with proper modifications 

  • Weighted exercises - lunges, squats

  • Full kinetic chain activation / Dynamic exercise

  • Pain free walking, jogging or running - goal dependent

  • Goals 

    • return to full work related activities, complete full Activities of daily living



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