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Anterior Cruciate Ligament 

Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Meniscus Repair
Total Knee Replacement

Week 1


  • Remove silver lining and post surgical bandages

  • Inititation of standing and walking with assistance 

  • Active range of motion using heel slides

  • Active quadraceps activation, gluteal acivation 

  • Balance and proprioception exercises barefoot

  • Light stretching of Hamstrings, Quadraceps and Gastroc/Soleus (calf muscles)

  • Soft tissue mobilization to Hamstrings, Quadraceps and Gastroc/Soleus

  • Begin home exercise program

  • Example exercises 

    • Single leg stance, heel slides, short arc quad, hip hinging, toe touches


Weeks 2 - 4

  • Active assisted range of motion into flexion and extension 

  • Cross friction massage to scars and adhesion tissue 

  • Training on proper hip hinging and squating (stand to sit) 

  • Stationary bike, Elipitcal

  • Step up and step down training 

  • Assisted walking without brace 

  • Resisted band muscle activation and strengthening

  • Most exercises done in standing in sagital plane (front to back)

  • Example Exercises 

    • Knee Extension, ball wall squats, bridging, TRX training, Power Plate squat holds


Weeks 4 - 6

  • Establish full range of motion - 0°extension and 130-135° flexion 

  • Weighted exercises

  • Incorporate full kinetic chain activation / Dynamic exercise

  • Stair master / stair climber 

  • Introduction of frontal plane movement (lateral movement)

  • Example Exercises

    • Lateral step up, single leg squats (assisted), monster walks with resistence, side planks, 


Weeks 6 - 8

  • Introduce transvere plane motion (rotational) - only done in office

  • Jogging with brace

  • overall advancements in exercise (resistance and weight)  


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