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Health Coaching

Behavior change coaching  

Whether you want to begin living a healthier lifestyle and don’t know where to start or have a specific health goal and want the support that comes with having a coach, you may benefit from behavior change coaching. A certified personal trainer will work with you to set health and wellness goals and develop a strategy to reach them guided by the principles of SMART goal-setting and motivational interviewing. 

  • 1 30-minute session - $45

  • 3 30-minute sessions - $120


Healthy grocery store tour

Develop a healthy grocery store routine! In a 60-minute tour of the local grocery store of your choice, a certified personal trainer will help you select healthy food options, show you ingredients and labels to watch out for, share ideas for healthy home cooking, and help you develop your own healthy shopping plan. You’ll leave feeling empowered to choose food options that suit your preferences, lifestyle, and goals, and you’ll feel more informed about common ingredients and nutrient requirements. 


Pantry clean-out

Remake your pantry to one that suits your health and wellness goals! In a 60-minute session, a certified personal trainer will help you identify the proper pantry staples for a healthy cooking routine. You’ll leave with a broader understanding of common pantry ingredients, sneaky labels to watch out for, and how to best utilize your pantry to make healthy eating delicious and fun. 


Cooking lesson

Learn how to cook healthy staples. In a 60-minute cooking lesson, a certified personal trainer will show you how to make the healthy dish(es) of your choice and share simple healthy cooking and baking hacks. You’ll leave feeling empowered to cook healthy food that both tastes good and makes you feel good. 


Healthy lifestyle kickstart package

Kickstart a healthy lifestyle with everything you need to start buying, cooking, and eating food that makes you feel your best. Package includes a grocery store tour of the local grocery store of your choice, a healthy pantry clean-out, and a cooking lesson with a certified personal trainer. Services can all be used on the same day or spaced out over time. 

Ready to receive personal training?

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