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Erognomic Training 

Since the start of 2019, we have seen many changes to our workspaces. Many of our patients have begun to work from home, where their workspaces are not ergonomically set up as they were at their offices. We have had many of our patients ask for help establishing what the best practices are for setting up their work station at home or even in their new office setting. 

What does an Ergonomic Training Appointment Consist of?

You will have approximately a 20-30 minute appointment via Zoom. One of our providers will ask for photos of your current workspace, what equipment you might have to make modifications to the workspace with as well as any specific questions you might have about the set up. 

It's recommended that you provide the photos prior to the appointment. 

One of our providers will walk you through the ideal set up for your current workspace. This will consist of assessing the monitor positioning, desk height, chair height and positioning, keyboard positioning and how to properly sit or stand with these set ups. 

What does this service cost?

There is an $50 charge for this assessment and recommendations of ideal positioning. 

Do you have to be a patient of RFHW to get this service? 

We do require that to utilize this service, you are a current or previous patient seen at RFHW. 

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