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The Clinic and Staff

Non-Surgical Low Back Pain 

Non-Surgical Neck Pain 

Non-Surgical Shoulder Pain 

Non-Surgical Knee Pain 



Carpal Tunnel

Rotator Cuff Syndrome

Tennis Elbow

Ankle Sprains

Tension Headaches

Commonly Treated


Personal Training

We offer customized exercise programming based on your unique body, lifestyle, and goals. In 60-minute sessions, a certified personal trainer will lead you through an exercise session tailored to your body, preferences, and goals. You will learn to set reachable but challenging goals, demonstrate proper exercise form, and form lifelong health habits.


  • Customized fitness program 

  • Attention to form 

  • Personalized coaching

  • On-going support


Personal Training Pricing

  •  Single 60-minute session - $95

  •  5 session Package  60-minute sessions - $455 ($91 per session)

  • 12 session package 60-minute sessions - $1044 ($87 per session) 

  • 15 session package 60-minute sessions - $1275 ($85 per session)

Fitness Assessment

Whether you are training for a specific fitness goal or looking for a training baseline, a fitness assessment can be useful in helping you accurately gauge your progress. The fitness assessment will test four factors: cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. 


Fitness Assessment Pricing 

1 assessment - $90